Calvary Bible Institute Kauai

Raising up the next generation of pastors, leaders, & missionaries



Our Core Values

Core Value #1 - Discipleship
Core Value #2 - Missions

What to Expect

Study the Whole Bible
Earn Your Certificate
Make Friends for Life
Go on the Mission Field
Learn from Calvary Pastors
Gain Practical Experience

Spring 2023 Core Classes

Pastoral Ministry
Pastor Bruce Baumgartner
Women's Ministry
Janet Baumgartner / Rebecca Roper / Andrea Ochoa
Life of David
Mario Ochoa
Book of Revelation
Joey Roper
Book of Romans
Bryan Hoshide
Gospel of Mark
Pastor Steve Rex
Joey Roper & Various Speakers

Spring 2023 Block Classes

Pastor Dan Finfrock
Inductive Bible Study
Pastor Chris Fraley
Book of Galatians
Pastor Jack Hibbs
Book of Ephesians
Pastor Josh Blevins
Book of Philippians
Pastor Sean Housman
Book of Colossians